The Reinhard Spoerri Quartet was formed when Philip Matesic and South African artist, Phumulani Ntuli met local musicians Reinhard Spoerri and Jakob Bardill while living in Tenna, Switzerland during the 2016 Alps Art Academy.

Reinhard Spoerri runs his own "Schwyzeroergelibau" (Swiss Accordion) workshop in Tenna and Jakob is an amateur yodeller and guitar player. The quartet spent a few days practising together in the local firehouse, preparing for an afternoon concert on the final day of the Alps Art Academy on July 2, 2016.

During the concert, they played two traditional Swiss folk songs from the region, chosen by Reinhard Spoerri and Jakob Bardill: "Franz, Flürin, Andraja" and "Wenn Mann Bei Dem Bauer Ist". They also played a classic country song from the USA, chosen by Philip Matesic: "I’ve Been Everywhere" by Hank Snow and a traditional South African song, chosen by Phumulani Ntuli "Ubombo" by Madala Kunene.

Jakob Bardill: Guitar, Yodel
Philip Matesic: Flugelhorn, Vocals
Phumulani Ntuli: Drums, Vocals
Reinhard Spoerri: Schweizeroregeli (Swiss Accordion)