“How To Cut Hair” with Mirjam Bayerdörfer & Linda Pfenninger, Corner College, 2016

“How To Change A Car Tire” with Mara Züst, 2015

“How To Render A Surface Smooth” with Stich&Oswald, Counter Space, 2015

"How to Correctly Compost" with Daniel Morgenthaler, 2013

"Bartending" with Philip Matesic, Corner College, 2013

"Vocal Training" with Julia Schwartz, Corner College, 2013

PRACTICAL FRIDAYS is a workshop series founded by Philip Matesic in 2013, extending the "Each One, Teach One" philosophy of Theory Tuesdays. One Friday a month, a non-professional volunteer workshops a practical skill with a group of engaged participants. Instead of a discussion about a specific theoretical text, we have a hands-on, collective experience of learning something practical.

The sessions operate in a similar yet contrasting way to Theory Tuesdays. Both the workshop and discussion sessions enact the idea that everyone has a skill or interest that can be shared with others in an informal setting, offering a knowledge-based form of exchange. Practical Fridays was held at Corner College in 2013 and 2014, then at Counter Space in 2015. Since 2016, the workshops take place at more specific locations of Zurich, related to the taught skill.

Zurich, Switzerland, 2013 - Ongoing