Practical Fridays is a workshop series, founded and coordinated by artist Philip Matesic since 2013. The series expands practically on the "Each One, Teach One" philosophy of Theory Tuesdays. Instead of discussing a theoretical text, participants have a hands-on, collective experience of learning something practical from a non-professional. Each workshop is run by a different person at various locations in and around Zurich, Switzerland.

Practical Fridays Website

"Suturing" with Brian Matesic

"How To Change A Car Tire" with Mara Züst

"How To Cut Hair" with Linda Pfenninger & Mirjam Bayerdörfer

“How to Correctly Compost” with Daniel Morgenthaler

"How To Look Good In A Club" with Désirée Myriam Gnaba

“The Perfect Watermelon” with Mirjam Bayerdörfer & Mariann Oppliger