Urban Mini-Golf was a collaboration between Philip Matesic and Dutch artist Sjoerd Oudman. The project was part of the "Onze Buurt als Woonkamer" (The Neighborhood as Multicultural Livingroom), an art residency that took place in Amersfoort, Netherlands in 2008. The residency was initiated by the Young Art Foundation and invited international artists to engage with residents of the Schuilenburg District of Amersfoort.

Philip Matesic and Sjoerd Oudman designed portable mini-golf holes and lanes that could be laid out as a multi-hole course throughout the neighborhood. The holes of the course corresponded with specific architectural spaces, chosen by the youth of the community. This resulted in an array of unexpected sites, offering new forms of play in their everyday environment. On the final day of the residency, an urban mini-golf tournament was held where all of the holes were set up and played on. The winner of the tournament received a new putter and the urban mini-golf kits were given to the kids of the neighborhood for future play.

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